Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tutorial: Dotticure

Hi Lovelies! I thought I would share another tutorial today with you today. This is for a dotticure that I showed you a few months ago. I have been going through my mani archives and discovered a few tutorials that I never got around to putting together until now. I had even forgotten that I took photos for this dotticure tutorial so stumbling across it was a fun surprise.

Supplies Used:

  1. Start out by painting your nail using a base color. I used Zoya Dot for this look
  2. Using white nail polish or acrylic paint and a dotting tool, place dots down the center of the nail starting near the cuticles and working down toward the tip. 
    • You can make all the dots the same size or alternate between larger and slightly smaller dots as I attempted.
  3. Add another row of dots on each side of the first row as show above. 
    • If you chose to alternate the size of the dots in your first row then create your 2nd and 3rd row by starting opposite to the first one to ensure that each large dot is surrounded by small ones and vise versa.
  4. Using your first color, add a smaller dot inside each of the white dots of the first row (that was created in step #2). I used Zoya Hudson for the lavender dots.
  5. Repeat step #4 with a second color in one of the 'empty' white rows. I used the minty green Zoya Dillon here.
  6. Repeat step #4 with the final color in the last white row. I used the sky blue Zoya Rebel
  7. Using a small dotting tool or toothpick and white nail polish or acrylic paint, add a zig-zag of dots in between 2 rows of larger dots.
  8. Repeat #7 to create a zig-zag of dots between the remaining rows.
  9. Seal with a top coat and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Please don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any! 
As always, I would love to know what you think of this tutorial.

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

** Polishes were provided to me for review by the manufacturer or their PR. **
** For more information please see the disclosure policy **

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tutorial: Abstract Stained Glass Nail Art

Hi Everyone! I apologize in the delay of putting this tutorial together. I've been in a bit of a funk lately and I'm hoping it will pass soon. A few of you requested that I share a tutorial for this abstract stained glass manicure that I showed you a couple of months ago and I have not forgotten! I had actually created the tutorial at the time of the manicure, but have just now sorted through the photos and can finally share it with you...

Supplies Used:

Monday, August 25, 2014

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2014 Featuring Nail Vinyls!

Hi Everyone! I am so excited today because once again I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the annual piCture pOlish Blog Fest. For the first time this year the blog/insta fest features Nail Vinyls. piCture pOlish will be retailing a special exclusive 4 pack 'Nail Vinyls' containing Chevrons, Mini Chevrons, Straight & Right Angles.

My challenge for today was 2-fold, to swatch a gorgeous newly released lacquer named Eyre and to create nail art using Nail Vinyls and the creamy shades Marine and Mad Magenta. I had quite a bit of fun with this challenge so buckle up for a long post!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Jonesy Lou Lacquer Fleur

Hi Everyone! Today I would like to show you another Jonesy Lou Lacquer beauty and some nail art that I had fun creating to go along with it. I'm not quite sure what my inspiration was for this look other than I really wanted to try out New Beat that I showed you yesterday for the leadlight technique and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity...

Friday, August 22, 2014

Jonesy Lou Lacquer New Beat and Spittin Shade

Hi Lovelies! I had hoped to show these beauties to you Monday morning and here we are Friday afternoon by the time I finally got a chance to sort photos and show you two beauties by Jonesy Lou Lacquer. This is a new to me indie brand and I was excited to try a few shades from the lineup. The two lacquers I'm showing today were just released on Monday (hence why I wanted to time my post for that day, but life and work just got in the way). So without further delay, here are New Beat and Spittin Shade...

New Beat
A hot pink jelly with gold and orange microglitter that glows under black light! On it's own, it is rather sheer and for that reason I chose to layer it over a white base. I also figured the white base would make the neon pop. I think it can just as easily be layered over a similar pink cream. The formula was very nice, not too thick. I didn't have any issues with it dragging or balding. Very easy application. This is two coats of New Beat over one coat of white plus a top coat. Hot!...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Smoky Egyptian

Hi everyone! I wanted to show you a manicure that I created while playing around with the Dance Legend Smoky collection shades not too long ago. My first thought was to try and create a turquoise stone manicure using the water spotting technique, but since I still haven't mastered getting polish to behave as I would like, I ended up going in a slightly different direction...

Monday, August 18, 2014

Marbled Galaxy

I don't often get the urge to water marble, mostly because it is a rather frustrating endeavor for me, but the Dance Legend Galaxy multichromes made me think of an oil slick and I decided the marbled effect would play perfectly into that idea. I put my patience cap on, tried to think good thoughts and channel all the water marble gurus until finally ended up with this manicure...

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